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Permanent Pretty is based on the belief that our clients' needs are of the utmost importance. Artist Tracy Do is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the best service in the industry.

Tracy Do natural artistic talent started at a very young age. By her early teen years, her paintings were public. Later, she attended the University of Architecture and Fine art lead her to the love of Mural & Portrait painting as well. With her artistic talent, Tracy has also earned many award for her artworks.

But why choosing Permanent Makeup now? Tracy admitted:"being interact with people is half of the fun, making someone pretty even feel more rewarding. At first, Cosmetologist was just something I took for fun but it's turned out exciting me each and every day..."

Until now she has been serving in the Beauty industry for nearly 20 years. While being successful as a Cosmetologist and a salon owner, Tracy realizing that her passion isn't stop there, she not only want to make her clients look beautiful but it also has to be lasting for an effortless beauty.

In 2000 Tracy has pursued to become a Micro-pigmentation Specialist. With her natural artistic vision combine with a steady hand and a determination, Tracy had made her point of delivering an ultimate results to her Clients. She acclaimed it's her passion! and one thing our woman should know is that...there is only one shape of eyebrows, for example, that would go best to a unique individual, and it is very important for an experienced Permanent Makeup technician to delivering it to her client.    

Permanent Makeup also known as Medical tattoo, Cosmetics tattooing, Long lasting Makeup, Micro-pigmentation, Permanent Cosmetics. Regardless of what they called, below is what it should help you with.


  • Shape the Eyebrows to the shape that fit most to your face.
  • Make sparse brows look fuller.
  • Raise/ Lower the arch of the Eyebrows.
  • Correct dropped Eyebrows.
  • Correct uneven Eyebrows.
  • Create hair stroke in the absence of Eyebrows.

Eyebrows are very important. They are the frame that determine the look of the whole entire face. By cleverly choosing the shape, the thickness and the color of the eyebrows we can

shift the less desirable feature of the face to make it appear in a more desire look.

Drooping Eyebrows give a tire look to the face can be slight

lift higher at the tail and/or arch for a more "face lift" look.

Giving the entire face a younger and a more energetic look.

With the right shape of Eyebrows the close set eyes can look further apart and wide set eyes can be made to look closer



  • Give the Eye more expression.

  • Make your eyelashes look thicker.
  • Enhance the shape of the eye.
  • Can appear to change the shape of the eye.

Eyeliners can be apply in various styles: thick,

thin, tapered, with or without extended tails;

full line, three quarter line and half line.

Permanent makeup eyeliners is ideal to enhance and define the eyes. But by choosing the correct thickness, shape and

color can appear to change the shape of the eyes.

Eyelashes enhancement will add definition to

the eyes. This procedure is safely insert pigments in between the lashes to make them look fuller but still maintain a

natural look.

Accent color maybe used to match, contrast or compliment

the color of the eyes. This accent colors called "shades" are

applied in addition to black/brown standard eyeliners

creating a more dramatic/exotic look.


  • Make Lips look fuller/Thinner.

  • Make Lips more define.
  • Correct uneven Lips.
  • Lips are getting thinner and paler as we age.

Lip fullness can be enhanced or minimized by cosmetic

tattooing on the outside of the edge of the lip.Correct

cupids bow.

We can define the shape of the cupid bows and the lipline.

A thorough consultation will help you to achieve your best


A thorough consultation will help you to achieve your best


"I got my lower eyeliners tattooed over a year now and still love it. It's so much easier when I don't have to worry about them getting smudge nor migrate somewhere...I wish I had have done it long time ago. Highly recommended!"


...I had my brows done at other place, they were poorly shape and turned to a blueish color. Tracy got me in for a free consultation and clearly explain how I can look better by re-shape them with pencil and showing me how she would do to achieve to my desire color"


Consultation is complimentary!

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